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Mental Health


Our mental health is as important as our physical health. We can all feel anxious, stressed or low at times, but it can be a problem if these feelings get worse, go on for a long time or affect our daily lives.

Mental health services are free on the NHS. In some cases, you may need to be referred by your GP to access them.


If you are in crisis

If you are in crisis or are concerned about someone else please seek urgent help.

  • You can get urgent Mental Health help via the NHS website.
  • Call the Newcastle Crisis team 0191 814 8899 or freephone 0800 652 2863.
  • Text ‘Shout’ to 85258 for a free text messaging support service.

Other ways to get help

There are self-help guides and advice that can help with mild or low-level mental health issues. You may find these self-help leaflets useful: NTW Self Help leaflets

But if you are unsure what is the best route, you should arrange to speak to a GP.

A Doctor will talk through your issues with you, assess your condition and make some suggestions for what can help. 

The GP might suggest coping strategies or self-help exercises, prescribe medication, or refer you to a specialist service, like talking therapies or counselling.

Our local service is Talking Helps Newcastle.


Check your symptoms

Check your symptoms with the NHS’s depression and mood self-assessment tools.